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Our Lazy and Idiotic but Abnormal Life

Ian reincarnated into a world without magic. Soon, he found himself in a dilemma. One consciousness operating two different body, one male and one female. Ian cursed with laziness and passive idleness, how is he going to live his life operating two different bodies. This is a story about a person, who operates two different bodies trying to live an idiotic and lazy but abnormal life. (A wild older twin sister appears.) Aurora: Don't forget about me!!! I am cute and Awesome too. Aaron: Oh, will you shut it! I'm the MC FFS!!!! Nyx: I am you and you are me. Aurora: Ignore both of them, I am the best girl!!! (*w*)/Teehee~! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The cover of the book is not mine, I took that from pixiv. I'm an amateur at this. This is my first book I'm young and inexperienced, so if there are any mistakes? Please, help me improve it and let me know. [Current weakly chapter release is at 5 chapters a week, from Wednesday to Sunday. Might raise up release in the future.] And enjoy the book. :-)

Hyacinth_FS · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Daughter Of Lumberjack Is From The Most Hated Rase In The World

Ravan is a former knight who now works as a woodcutter. One day, Ravan meets a little girl from the forest who is running away from the wolf and Ravan saves the girl. That girl was an anonymous slave from the most hated race in the world. Because his warrior soul had not yet died out, Ravan took care of the girl and made her his own daughter. What kind of family life of a different race from this world of fantasy full of magic will continue, only time will tell.

monster_fiz · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Monolithic Chronicles, Book One: Forsaken Crown

A second great war has erupted on the continent of Ikari, one spurred by nothing but a deep hatred of kin. Seven Monoliths, dragons with control over the world itself, have chosen sides of the war, and the chessboard is set. The kings and queens are clear, but one question remains: who are the expendable pawns?

Drag0nheart_ · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings