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The sweet girl Ji ah was loved by a person of her dream, her prince charming. Her only hope to live in this world.He loved her to the moon and back and she loved him more than that... Fate has different story for her... 3 men loved Ji ah so much that they almost ended up change everything for upturned... one changed her life upside down knowingly, unknowingly... one gave her life to live,to cherish,to love... one made her life safe paradise... And fourth one made her life hell for his revenge but is it true that he did was not fated? Or fate has it all...? ------ On the wedding day Ji ah she was left alone on the alter...Her future husband asked her to choose between him and the other guy who was also in love with Ji ah... Why? Because he thought it's her right to choose her love...But was that choice was really that simple? They both were in love with her but what about her heart? Did she really have right to love??? A sweet love story which turned into rollercoaster ride of emotions...Revenge, deception, murders, conspiracy... A simple life of simple girl changed into mystery... Will these three people ever get the answers for all questions? Will her memory will come back again to tell her the biggest secret of her life? Will they ever able to find out the truth of Ji ah's first love Seojoon's disappearance...? Yes it's not just a simple love story but don't expect the rollercoaster ride will start immediately because it is supposed to go up slowly if you want enjoy it fullest... Author is writing for first time so many mistakes are unavoidable..Changed the synopsis many times...but I think I am satisfied now... All the pics are not own by me... I don't have any rights on them. Be patient with slow start and enjoy the ride... Story is slow...story is slow...story is slow.... This author only expect your moral support by commenting.....I thinks it's not hard readers...Waiting for you...

Scarlettheartt ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings