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An SCP In Marvel

Stuck he's all life, a young man with no name, seeks to find the meaning of he's existence, throw the search of absolute freedom. He is SCP 044. This, is he's story. [I do not own Marvel or the SCP Foundation-- Of course not! Why does everyone need to do this. It's fucked up i tell you!!] [This is my first story, so, it'll probably feel a lit fast passed, but it's all in good fun.] [Nop! This is not the real SCP 044]

DaoistJSqZva · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Player who never lived a life

While working my daily routine, I was transferred to the world of Oasis, a game I spent years making and perfecting only to find that I died. But for me dying was never an option, as soon after coming here I saw a notification. [You need to complete the game in order to return back] But that was easier said than done. Oasis I made was cruel and cut no slack to anyone, not even me as I climb through various floors and complete quests in attempt to clear the game and return back. [You have 10 years to complete the game] I had to clear and game, and I had to clear it awfully fast. The journey of me trying my best of use my knowledge of Oasis to climb and complete the game.

Trapping_Smile · Magical Realism
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