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Exiled Clan

Forsaking humanity to become a Demon; the test of morality is inevitable for Rudra but he will persist in the path of Cultivation to reach the peak of power; as He runs through different realms conquering Immortals and Gods. Three souls belonging to three different beings have their fates entwined. Rudra a soul belonging to the modern day earth gets transmigrated to the body of an almost dead elder of a small clan of Earth element cultivators. Rishi the original inhabitant of the old body and finally Yali a Nether Lion soul that fails to resurrect itself. Rudra with his hot headed brutish nature, Rishi being a calm and knowledgeable scholar while Yali being the ultimate representation of a mighty beast. The journey start when a incident leads to Rudra Rishi and Yali to share a single body. As they work things out the harmony of the start dissolves as their ideals clash and their goals differ from one another. Watch how these three souls with their own ideals and goals work ways to use of the shared resources to overcome the challenges that come their way. I created a Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/random_guys I'll probably be posting chapters in the making there and maybe some forward ones if I write out a lot. But don't worry, everything will be posted here normally later anyway.

Regnov · Fantasy

Reborn as a Symbiote

Synopsis Hi everyone, just to let everyone know that this will be a story mix of both Wuxia and LitRPG. There will be a system with point being use involve in the story but it will not be a CASH app where you can buy EVERYTHING in it. Please if you can critique, comment, review, and spare some time to read my novel. Thank you for giving my novel a chance. A child bless by birth, curse by destiny. The child, a little girl, trapped in her own body from a painful illness. The only child to a growing small clan Matriarch, father nowhere to be seen. The little girl Yao Zi, helpless and hoping for the future. A mysterious foreign entity, a symbiote, whose past haunts him. The symbiote, lost traveler, free from his prison. The only of his kind he ever seen, all alone in a foreign land to him. Cold and lost simbiote Shimmy, alone and seeking power for the past. The two meet in a most coincidental way. One who needed a cure, a miracle to live, the other needed someone, a path to rely on to live. Watch as two lives intertwines, revealing the little girl's future and the symbiote's past. See as how they face the world together, one who almost loss everything and the other who have lost everything. What choices will they make and what effect will it cause to other? (Picture is not mine) “I will also be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com” ^_^)>

LazeePanda · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Dao King of the Void

A young cultivator by the name of Feng Ja with the dreams of exploring the vast world of Zaron, but little does he know his fate was already pre-destined. He a once in a lifetime genius unparalleled amongst all of the before, the future, and present Generations. The one destined to face an unspeakable evil and either save or destroy the universe! Follow Feng Ja as he beats his enemies with power and decisiveness. Meeting friends, gaining enemies, and awakening a bloodline that was long forgotten. Feng Ja was in his clans estate when suddenly a surge of spiritual power knocked him unconscious. As he was unconscious a divine sense far above what he has ever known swept his body and teleported him to a strange inheritance. Ha! Looks like I’ve found a genius amongst geniuses with a rare bloodline and a divine body constitution. First book all constructive criticism welcomed! I just felt like writing a book since I read so much and I hate the fact some of my favorite books to read are no longer free. So I thought I would try writing one and one day in the future go back and read through and experience what a reader feels again.

Glocc_Williams · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Golden Path Redux

Dreams lead men into the distant future and mankind desperately cultivates to reach newer heights. Two people that could not be any more different from one another must shoulder the fate of all. Their encounter forces both of them to use drastic measures to survive. Stranded far from the world they knew, they must use all their wits and brawn to forge a new path ahead. Will they manage to change their fate or will their fate change them in the end? To those who loved reading the first golden path, thank you! To the new readers, welcome aboard! Its about to be a wild ride.. (Please note that I do not own the cover art. Should this be yours I'll gladly remove it upon request.) Join us on The Golden Path Discord: https://discord.gg/j7Esunj

FST · Sci-fi