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The Heartstrings: Floraison Love Story

Floraison Belle Flores, Her name comes from the Latin word meaning "bloom a flower" she had a long eyelashes, deep blue eyes like an sea ocean, pointed nose, small face, white skin that you can compare to pearls, long wavy hair and natural red lips. In other words she looks cute and gorgeous, Floraison is a loving and understanding daughter to her parents but to the people who do nothing but assault and abuse them, you will see her being arrogant / bossy and gladiatorial woman, an industrious and strenuous woman just for her parents many people say that it is bad to be jealous nor envious to others, but sometimes we can't avoid it, it also comes to the point that you will compare yourself to others. Somehow, Floraison felt envy in other teenager although she is a beautiful young girl, smart and hardworking child but because she is just a "daughter of a poor farmer" no one wanted to be her friend's because she is not rich like them. Therefore, her classmates treat her that way, she doesn't bother about it in fact she is still proud that she's a child of a loving parent, even if she doesn't have any friends she's already contented in everything they got. The day came when she graduated from 1st year college Bachelor of Arts in Innovation and Entrepreneurship , the next day her parents and uncle decided to let Floraison continue her study at School of Visual Art's and Design Architecture in Florida. Even if it is far from their country, they just let her go they know that she can handle herself as a parent they will really do everything just to be happy, contented and educated their children. When floraison goes to Florida there she will learn things that she doesn't know and there she will also meet a person who will come into her life unexpectedly. ... Author's Note: as you can see it was my first novel, I would like to apologise in advance if there's a wrong grammar. Credit to the owner of this photo, I've found this in Pinterest.

CyAcquaria · Contemporary Romance
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