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The Tenth Victim

Synopsis With the wake of a serial killer that seems untraceable, Bryan Derrick—a detective with a high success rate—is sent to help out in the case but things quickly spiral as he is entangled in many life threatening events as he tries to uncover the secret of the 'smiling psychopath'. He soon discovers a plot in this new city and discovers that it is made by his arch enemy. he soon realises that his past has followed him to this new city. He makes new friends and helps then solve their problems by investigating for them and also goes on a journey to accept his dark past but one thing eludes him: the mystery of the serial killer! This is the adventures of detective Bryan Derrick! Note: the cover is not mine and was made using Canva free book cover design tool. if it's yours, I'll take it down willingly on demand.

Saviour_Ibok_4011 · Sci-fi