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Monster Turned Human

I am sure you've read a lot of stories about Humans becoming Monsters, but what about Monsters turning into Humans ? This is the story of an unlucky being who will turn into the very thing that he had always loathed. How will our MC fare as he become a Human and learn how to live like one while stepping out of the comfort zone he always lived in and discover the world ? Find out in Monster Turned Human !

Glasgow2 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Masters of the Multiverse: Level 1--Underworld

In a distant future, humanity has colonized the stars, solved scarcity, and ended all wars by redirecting its desire for violence into the wildly popular VR-MMO "Masters of the Multiverse." One of these colonies is the Multiverse Society, a 500+ year running experiment on reducing real-world violence still further by tying performance in the game to the acquisition of political power. In the real world, death is the end, but for Veralix, a talented up-and-coming young player of the Society, it will only be the beginning...

Lheticus_Videre · Fantasy
Not enough ratings