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Heiress of Rome

Her name was Vitatrix, first empress of Rome. You won't see her in any history books, or hear of her in any ballad or song. She isn't even in any myth or legend we recall today. Her memory erased from mankind, because she was a woman. Long ago Rome's emperor has died with out a son. His cousin a roman senator ascends the throne with out a legitimate heir, or so everyone believes. Fear starts to grip the citizens of Rome as threats arise from every corner of the empire. And even a plot brews from within. In the city of Clusium a daughter that was born to the new roman emperor by his wife was sent away in order to protect her from the possible rage and discrimination of her own family. All because she was born a girl. In a world where the patriarchal system rules can this sole heir secure her rightful place? Or will her gender pull her down? Raised by the midwife that helped bring her into the world, a young Trix finds out who she truly is. She has to return to a family she has never known and save the Roman Empire from anarchy as the people fear the end of a dynasty. She must fight a corrupt senator, a secret society, and her own fears of the uncertain. Together with her best friend Hector she must learn that not everyone can be trusted. Not all stories have a happy ever after. Will this one?

wounded_warrior · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings

Hooded Healers

The most powerful assassin in the country finds that the few months to the next presidential election are more than he bargained for. His former employee turned rival wants her husband to be the next president and She's willing to eliminate anyone that gets in her way. 'Follow me' Who is this guy anyways? And why is he interfering so much 'Now look here mister' I was getting a bit irritated with his interference. 'You have no business here, the police will be here anytime soon.' 'We can do this the easy way' He said, forcing a smile. 'Or the hard way' His smile disappeared. He pulled out a Glock 17 I glanced sideward. I saw Boss's knife out of the corner of my eye. It was my only chance to be on equal terms with this pest. I lunged for the wooden dagger. He casually fired at the dagger making it spiral out of my reach. Tough luck, now I was at the mercy of this... Well creature.

Ebenezer_Nkwor · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings