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The Underboss

What would you do if you had the choice between saving a gang leader or handing him over to the police? Here Willow is forced to make the decision to either save a gang leader or hand him over. And the decision she choses had her nursing a wounded man who has sworn to protect her from all harm and who she can't seem to keep off her mind all the time. How well will she be accustomed to the new life she has, and will she finally give herself to this man who craves her - her and nobody else.

starrieceline · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Scarlet- How it all began.

What happens when you are unique but no one knows about your powers? What happens when your the plague in the life of everyone who loves you and wherever you go, disaster fallows? And to top it all off, you are the air to a billion dollar company? Welcome to the life of Scarlet Adair. the next hair to the Adair company throne. now what you don't know about Scarlet, is that she know about a secret... a secret that no one knows of. she knows who is behind the hidden mask of the man who saves New York. Well... She has some ideas. but when she meets her new ally... things get interesting. love... hate... secrets... lies... and... one simple thing that changed everything!

Farnaz_Abdolmaleki · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings