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She loved his brother. His brother and her sister are together. He lied to her about his feeling.. He said "I.. I know how you feel.. " " I feel the same. " She thought they both relayed on each other. Ironic Right? A story of a female lead, Xia Yao Xing, who accidentally started persuing acting as her career. She thought this career would help her know the truth behind her birth and her parents. She thought only this way can she regain her love that has been snatched away from her by her sister(Xia Xiang) She thought the one she loved is the one who is dating her sister. But, she didn't knew that the one she love, her brother Mo, Mo Tum Lie, has always been in love with her and only her. He pretended to be in the slsame situation as her and acted being in love with a women who is in a relationship with another man(His Brother/Step-brother - Mo Yan) At the first step towards her career Xia Yao Xing met a little girl who turned out be the daughter of her big Boss Mo Yun Lie (Mo Xi). When she solved the mystery about Mo Xi and was about to move on, a new problem came forward when her God-Father/ Life-Saviour/ Persuer appered and messed her life again. Can Xia Yao Xing and Mo Mo Yun Lie solve all these problems and be together? Can Xia Yao Xing Find the truth behind her birth? Want to find out? Then stick to "LOVE AND WISH". I'll update everyday. LOVE you guys please add my book to collections and wait for updates I'll update frequently and make you all love me.

unwanted_princess · Fantasy Romance
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