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Miss President's Bodyguard

$$$$$$$ Rania Wong, a rich young lady or a multibillionaire that currently leading a worldwide company, Diamond Enterprise. She was targeted by many unknown enemies and also from the attacked of unknown organizations. Her grandfather, Master Wong decided to appoint a personal bodyguard in order to protect her although he knew that his granddaughter already have a dozen of bodyguard. Although she is known as a ruthless and cruel person but actually she has another hidden side of her. ************* Ryan Mu, a skillful and talented man but also a very secretive and mysterious guy. He is the personal bodyguard of Master Wong and always in a secret mission of protecting the young miss, Miss Rania Wong. He knows her very well, although it's been a very long time since they last saw each other .unlike Rania who doesn't even realize his existence around her. What will happen when 2 person from different world and different attitude paired together? Will Rania keep acting cold and distance towards Ryan? Can Ryan protect his young miss from any upcoming danger around them? and can the pass and hidden feeling between them appeared again? Can Rania keeps her guard up againts Ryan when he constantly saved her in exchange of his own life? ••••••••••••••••• Please add this book to your library if you want to know more. I'm not a good writer in english but i really want to try. I'm deeply sorry if i have a lot of grammatical errors. Please do support me. I'm not a humorous person so i don't really have any idea to make you guys laugh, i just hope you will like it. ^-^ •••••••••••

Arian30 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings