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Rainclouds (GL)

Sylvia Hawthorn lives with a darkness which tells her horrible things and sometimes even causes her to act on these horrible things. But little does she know that there is someone else who suffers from the same darkness, but this girl is the last person you'd expect to socialize with the Sylvia who was small, shy, and practically invisible. Lucie Foxx was a troublemaker and nearly everyone at the school was at least a bit scared of her. Though for some reason she took a certain interest to the small red-headed girl. Will this blossomed connection began develop into something more or will something tragic happen?

TeaSenpai · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

Broken Hurts

What would you do if the world around you crashed? If everything you thought you knew was a lie? How would you react, knowing that no one had bothered to tell you the truth, the whole truth, the real truth? Comfort had thought that she was…well…comfortable. Life had never been easy for her, but there were certain things that she was sure of, and now she was suddenly not so sure. Teen Dilemmas. Sigh... British Secondary School is a very interesting place where a lot of crazy things happen. This book is about more than just the building though, it’s about comfort. Comfort is your average teen – well, except when it comes to grades. As usual, she is just minding her own business, when her life is turned upside down. Daddy issues, fake friends and popularity all seem to come along with a new opportunity named Elijah. Despite warnings from her family and friends, Comfort’s stubborn ass won’t listen …or maybe it’s because they just won’t tell her. She’s not the only one who’s been lied to, though. Elijah, Alicia (her best friend) and so many of the characters have their own secrets that they’re hiding and being hidden from. Follow Comfort as she manages to find comfort in unexpected places. Just wanted to say that this is my first story, so comments are highly appreciated.

Naomi_Hammond · Teen
Not enough ratings