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The Adventures of Treasure Hunters - 1 season

The Adventures of Treasure Hunters - 1 season

COMPLETED A small story about adventurers, local history enthusiasts, treasure hunters. They wander around cities, forests, mountains, steppes and deserts, seek metal artifacts and search magnets for historical artifacts and sell some of them at auctions, donate some to museums and keep some in their home collections. They work in archives and funds, second-hand bookkeepers do not forget, they look for old books, road workers and topographic maps of the 17-20 centuries. There is the only main character Fang and his partner Dara. --- English is the same as in other novels. While it is far from good. The approximate number of chapters is from 60 to 100. Updates 3 chapters per week. The number of words is from 600 to more 1200. COMPLETED -------------------------------------------------- This is a work of art. Any resemblance to real people or real events is purely coincidental.

Gourmet_DAO · History