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Unrivalled : Chronicles Of The Godkiller

*DISCLAIMER : The image shown as the book cover does not belong to the author. The tree that stands the tallest, always gets blown by the wind. Nero had been the strongest cultivator of the Eternal realm, standing above all else and looking down at all that was beneath him with an emotionless face. He was unrivalled! However, as the old proverb says, a neighbor's eye is full of jealously. Out of fear, envy and jealously, the other peak cultivators of the Eternal realm teamed up against him and with the aid of a transcendent weapon, brought Nero down from his throne, ending his reign of supremacy but at a great cost. Unbeknowst to them however, the supreme one didn't die but was gravely injured to the point of regressing in his cultivation. A crack in the void that formed from the last attack, sent him down to a lesser realm. Now, Nero has to treat his injuries, restore his cultivation and take vengeance on all who plotted against him. Follow Nero on his journey to becoming the supreme one once again, the Unrivalled.

Netherlord_Supreme ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings