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This is our list of logs that the SCP foundation has been keep secret, and they are now free to the public. But beware of what you are going to read about because it will cause you to lose all hope and satisfaction you had. After all, the SCP's main role is to contain, protect, secure and if anyone tries to stop them they will feel the wrath if the foundation and your life will be terminated. So you have been warned. P.S: THIS IS NOT OWN BY ME BUT THE SCP WEBSITE AND ALL CREDIT SHOULD GO TO THE FOUNDATION AND THE AUTHOR. ALSO, I WILL BE STARTING A SCP STORY ABOUT A SCP THAT I HAD CREATED, BUT FIRST I NEED TO SPREAD THE SCP UNIVERSE IN THIS WEBSITE AND APP SO PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THE SCP FOUNDATION AND IT GREAT AUTHOR AND FOLLOWER. PLEASE I HOPE YOU LIKE IT AND VISIT THE WEBSITE. LINK IS BELOW { http://www.scpwiki.com/scp-series } Goal: 1000☑ 2000☑ 3000 ☑ NEW OBJECTIVE( UPDATE 1) 4000☑ 5000☑ 9000☑ 10000☑ NEW OBJECTIVE( UPDATE 2) 11000☑ 12000☑ 13000☑ 15000☑ 18000☑ 20000 25000 30000 40000 50000 And more viewer and follower

Almighty_flex · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings