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Scooby Show

Hello to you dear readers. I'm here to present my fanfiction series "Scooby Show"! Indeed, this series is a brand-new series that I created by myself by creating a whole new origin story as well as a reboot of some classic episodes added to completely new episodes. Because I don't have what to make an animated series, I have decided to show you this series thanks to a fanfiction. But you can imagine that the characters look like in the movie Scoob when they were kids. I hope you enjoy this new version of Scooby-Doo and with that, I hope you enjoy reading it. P.S. No need to wonder when the next episodes will be released because I haven't planned a date yet, so I haven't planned to release an episode on a specific day per week. The episodes will be released when I finish them and when I'm happy enough to publish it. And yes, I will add character from the movie later like Muttley and Dastardly

Ragnorok ยท Teen
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