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Star Wars: Dark Legacy (A Sequel Trilogy AU)

This is my take on the sequel trilogy of Star Wars. A few changes on some things. Firstly, I'm diving heavily into Legends. Instead of Jacen and Jaina Solo. It will be Jacen and Ben Solo, they are twin brothers, Ben still becomes Kylo Ren and Jacen is the hero. Rey will also be included but her story will be different, except for her lineage as a Palpatine. She was found on Jakku at a very young age by Luke Skywalker. She would later be inducted into Luke's new Jedi Order and rescued by Jacen, who managed to escape the purge along with his younger brother, Anakin Solo, their sister Jaina, and Luke's son, Bail. No one, except for Luke, Leia, and Han know of her lineage. This story will be drastically different from the original Sequel Trilogy. It will also portray Jacen and Ben as 21 instead of 29 like Kylo/Ben is in the Sequel Trilogy. Jacen will also be the first LGBT character in Star Wars. He will be partnered with another male later in the story. Characters from Star Wars Legends, The Clone Wars, and Rebels, along with OT characters and Prequel era characters as well. Poe and Finn will also be included. I do not own any of the characters except for my OC's. The version of Jacen Solo that I'm using is based on what I believe the character to be. I do not own Star Wars. All rights go to George Lucas, Lucasfilm, J.J. Abrams, and Disney. Warning: Mature Content, Themes, and Language

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