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Heck, I transmigrated into the Post-apocalyptic period!

This is the story of a rising actress Cuifen who tried her all to gain the love of the handsome, bold and egoistic Ceo of the biggest entertainment company Lijun. Despite all her efforts for his, love Cuifen meets the Wedding day of her first love Lijun. On his wedding day, she met with an unknown random man trying to kill her, f**k her. As she ran for her life Cuifen met a terrible accident and ended up transmigrating to the Post-apocalyptic period! Read the story to find out did Cuifen managed to stay in the Post-apocalyptic period till she dies?! Did she travel back in time and meets Lijun? What the hell happened back then?! Disclaimer: The cover photo belongs to the rightful owner, if the creator has a problem I will get it removed.

CosmosGalaxZ ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings