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BEating Rabbit Heart

BEating Rabbit Heart Inspired by The Sci-Fi Movie "Splice," it's about a girl named Splice who is cloned by her grandmother and is given to her Chimera mother as a present due to her Chimera Mother's religious Celibacy. As Splice grows up, she notices that her family, despite the fact that they created the two, hate what they are except for the grandmother. Splice notices that her adoptive, celibate mother named Bommy, Which Splice later learns to mean abomination, grew up with an adoptive father who hated her, Emotionally neglected Bommy and even gave Bommy her name. Splice ends up falling in love with another possibly so-called "fully human" clone like Splice is or unlike, however, Bommy refuses to allow Splice to date another clone like her, Bommy was taught clones are abominations to nature, while she views Splice as "Different" than the others, Splice refuses to boggle her way into their ideology. Splice definitely refuses to bother her way into an ideology created by people who created the things that the ideology speaks against. Read as Splice grows up and navigates life in her family as she began to learn just how toxic her mother's childhood really was.

RedBeeSandAmber2 ยท Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings