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The Dreamscape: One

The Dreamscape: One

In a faraway realm seperate from our own lies a plane of existence known as the Dreamscape, the very foundation in which dreams and nightmares have originated since the beginning of humanity. Created by the forgotten deity Morpheus, the god of dreams himself, the Dreamscape is home to an elite army of nightmare-fighting teens and young adults who call themselves the Oneiroi. Though these warriors come from all walks of life from different regions on Earth, each and every one of them share one thing in common: they were fated to die in order to serve as soldiers in another world. Now, the Oneiroi work closely together to keep nightmares from eating away dreamers' vulnerable minds when they sleep with the use of high tech and little bit ancient magic. However, the team of nightmare slayers soon find themselves facing an onslaught of nightmarish creatures determined to break the boundary between the Dreamscape and the real world. Worse, the god of nightmares and brother of Morpheus has reawakened...and he's out for more than just blood. Cover Art by Yusaku Kimura

samuraii · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings