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Ini Cerita Banyak Yang Tabu dan Gak Pantes. Jadi kalau Kamu Homophobic Gak usah mampir n Baca Cerita Ini. Karena cerita ini berisi Hal yang seperti itu. Atas perhatiannya Terimakasih. ⛔⛔⛔ . . . . -------------------------- "Kak, Gimana kalau aku suka sama kamu? " Aku mengucapkan secara perlahan. "Eh, ngaco lo Vin. Udah cepet tidur sana" Tanpa melanjutkan kalimatnya dia langsung pergi meninggalkan aku di kamar sendirian. Aduh, apakah dia marah kepadaku. . . .

Neptunus_96 · LGBT+
Briella's Crush

Briella's Crush

A secondary-school student, named Briella, has a crush on a handsome boy, a year older than her. Through these last few years, she did not show any signs of attraction, she has decided that this year will be different. Will she keep to her plan and promise, and let her crush know that she is into him, or will - as always - her nerves get the best of her and cause her to abort the mission as a whole?... *Extract from book* "But tell me..." Nadia begins. When Briella raises her eyes up to her, she sees a smug smile on Nadia's lips. "I never got to ask... Who was that 5th year you always had your eye on last year?". Immediately, Briella's face becomes red as she knows exactly who Nadia is talking about. "Ryan... was that his name??" Nadia questions. 'Ryan...' Briella thinks to herself. 'His name... it brings back all those memories... The first time I saw him was when I was in 2nd year. He was with a group of fellas when his eyes landed on mine and me on his. It was that one look that made me want him. Although he didn't grow on me at first, by the time I got to my 4th year, I had an intense crush on him...'.

Strale · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings
my angel

she saved his life long back but she never knew him...

my angel she saved his life long back but she never knew him...

she saved his life long back but she never knew him and all of sudden this guy came I told her that he likes her... who was he... what did he want and what dark secret was he hiding....

Shivanshi_Bose · Teen
Not enough ratings