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Obsidian(The guardian)

*The ongoing rewrite of "Crown of our metchy* "We were never meant to high against mankind or dominate them either. For we are human in every inch but the stone we fight for." Lace isn't the hero. She isn't the villain. Honestly, she doesn't know what part she plays in any of this. Draco can't take sides. Nor can he just stand by and be neutral while the kings of the realm set the world on fire. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Royalleaves have been living among humans for centuries, a powerful group of superhumans who live within their own vicinity in the human world. They were once more prominent before a war that led to the embezzlement of the only thing that kept them at the top of the power chain, but with the holder reaching the end of her clasp over the moonstone, these phenomenal capacities slowly began to return to them. But all good things must make way to the horrible reality that this legendary era will bring. The dominating of humans is impossible but some leaders in this society want to be the dominant kings of the earth, while the others use their powers to bring harm. The sun has fallen and the darkest times in history will fall on the Royalleaf society. The convalescence of the royals just might be what destroys them all.

Diamond_Wheeler ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings