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Let Me Teach You

Ma Jiao Ling is not just an ordinary college professor in University A. She is an honorable neurosurgeon in the number one hospital in the Capital at night. An active environmentalist who volunteers to raise funds for taking good care of wild animals and Mother Nature. And a part-time chef by weekends. One day she finds herself unable to resist the charms of the charismatic heir Wang Fu Longwei. Longwei is the heir of a large manufacturing corporation that contribute and holds half of the country's economic growth. Being the CEO he is labeled as the richest bachelor in the world, however his company contribute to the accumulation of global pollution making him Jiao Ling's number one enemy. Will she successfully teach him her beliefs or will she choose to teach his heart how to love? In a world where money matters is love enough? Author: Ahce Darato Torres (@BloodyeWriter) Copyright @ 2020 All Rights Reserved Author's Note: Credits to Canva and the owner of the image used for the book cover. (This Novel is Free and readable in Wattpad and Webnovel)

Iamyourjiejie123 ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings