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The Flavours of Our World

Two persons from two different worlds, who fell in love with each other as the year passes and it's time for Ayuki to leave Yushi... They were from different worlds with different flavour. Ayuki had her strawberry flavour while Yushi had his chocolate flavour. She hates chocolate flavour which he loves while he hates strawberry flavour which she loves... In the end, does strawberry taste well with chocolate? "You smell like strawberry. It's disgusting." "You smell like chocolate which is disgusting as well but you are not disgusting." Can the strawberry dip into the chocolate? And can she melt the chocolate? "A king doesn't need a queen when he can be both king and queen himself." This is his pride line. While her pride line is, "Mosquitoes like to gather around me because my blood is too sweet and tasty. So, it is natural for people to do that too." "I don't need any kindness from people. I don't need their hearts to care for me. I don't need love because I am careless, hateful and heartless myself." It is his statement towards her. Her reply to him is that "If hating me is what you want then hate me. At least your face will show emotion and you will open up." This is the story where the royals of the Flavour Kingdom consisted of different flavours! The flavours were chocolate, blueberry, orange, coffee, lemon, vanilla, caramel! But the Queen of flavours, Strawberry was missing! That's when Ayuki Shinohara takes her entry to the flavours being strawberry! Confusing, right? But it's rather mysterious! He avoids her at any cost. Whenever she came near him, his eyes turned crimson as in red. Ayuki finds out why! Do you want to find out too and be Ayuki?

Mishchan_ ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings