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Angel for the Bad Boy

"What makes you think that you can escape from me, angel?" "Because I never made for a bad boy like you." "Then let the game begin, angel." "In your wildest dreams, beast." "This beast will make sure that you will fall in love with me." ❄️❄️❄️❄️ ? Athena Brianne Regens ? Bad Boy? Athena really hate hearing that in every school. Why must every school has a bad boy? That question's always appear in Athena head. What is Athena gonna do if her new school has four bad boys? Nerd? That's what Athena gonna do to make the bad boys to not pay attention to her. Athena hoped to graduate school without making a scene. Will it be a bad choice or a good choice? What is Athena gonna do if she has all the bad boys attention as her guardian Angel? ???? ? Aaron Samuel Knight ? Nerd? Aaron really didn't like their existence. Aaron is the leader of the bad boys who rule their schools. He draws the attention of all girls and uses it as he wishes. Aaron never paid attention to nerds. But, he made an exception for Athena who got his attention. Aaron likes to irritate Athena because she never likes his existence. Call Aaron crazy, because he likes Athena and can't stop thinking about her. But the problem is... He has fallen in love with his childhood friend who has disappeared until now. ???? ? This is my first book written in English. Actually I am from Indonesia, English is not my first language so I hope everyone doesn't have a problem with my grammatical mistakes. ?

OnePiece · Teen
Not enough ratings