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My Wistful Life Is Yours

Young, Rose Hollow has been moving family to family never finding the right place to stay as they only want the money that was left to her. Unable to trust anyone, Rose is left to stay at one home, but the owner of the home seems a little too odd and Rose wonders who this man really is. Owner of the mansion that Rose is staying in, Erik does his best to stay away from Rose as her blood is too enticing for him. Never having this kind of trouble with blood he wonders what makes her blood so special and why he's so drawn to it. As they say, curiosity killed the cat, Rose does her best to figure out who this man is and why he's allowed such a stranger like her to stay with him. No last name, never knew someone like him existed, and yet the one person she trusted the most suggested for her to stay at such a place. What will become of Rose? Will she find out Erik's true nature? Does Erik have enough strength to stay away from Rose? Will these two come together as one? Or will someone die for a foolish mistake? Read on to find out!! This is my first story written. I will do anything of this story for it to become worthy of your time! Thank you!

winterbear005 ยท Teen
Not enough ratings