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Lighter's Academy

Synopsis Third persons POV; "Does she know about this?" A tall bearded man said "She clearly don't know about this" A girl in a middle age said The man handled the middle age woman a basket with a infant in it The tall man clears his throat and he gave a blue stone necklace to the woman "make sure she always wore this" the man says before the lady disappear Out of nowhere a beautiful blonde girl appeared "Who are you talking at?" she smile politely before kissing the man in the cheeks "Mira we have to move in Iowa there is no one would literally know that we're going there" he said while entering a medium cabin The woman follow him inside wiping her tears streaming down to her cheeks "Why did you gave her?" The woman ask still wiping her tears The man turn to face his wife "Because we have to, if I don't agree to what your mother said our daughter would be killed" he said hugging her wife A cry of an infant broke the silence, a beautiful little girl,she have a deeped ocean blue eyes and a white skin tone a cute chubby cheeks "Ashley don't cry baby she'll be ok" ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~

kiaaainthedark_12 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings