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Tiger Saber

A Legendary Samurai killed thousands of enemies long ago. He was famous in the name, Tiger, and his sword as Tiger Saber. But one day, he faced an enemy with the same level of his skills and during the fight he got sent into the Modern World, Japan. Unable to do anything because of the confusion, he found out that his sword shrunk and lost power. His sword contains "Soul Seal" to activate, without it, it was an ordinary knife. The Soul Seal's that he's finding can be found at Human's Soul. To extract the Soul Seal from Human's Soul, he needed to extract the depression along with it Determined to fix his sword and go back to his world, he's going to enter the world of depression. Cover is not owned by me. If you are the artist, and want me to stop using it, let me know through email at: jemspetallo@gmail.com Note for person contacting: Please make sure you can provide credible proof that the image is indeed yours before you contact, or your email will be marked as spam.

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