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Fake Boyfriend// Sam Hurley //

The boy you have known since you were little only wants you to keep a certain girl off of his back Sam Hurley the boy you have grown up with since the day you both were born and you both share a certain passion the passion of skateboarding even though Sam also Surfs you both just found Skateboarding to be more your thing. But you find it hard to accept what Sam is asking you to do cause you have been getting pretty close with a skater boy in Nevada lately and you would hate for that Skater boy to drop the offer of dating when he would see you and Sam together. What will happen will you accept Sam's offer and be his fake girlfriend or will you reject him for a Skater boy in Nevada. I dont know what will happen I guess you just have to read Fake Boyfriend.

Cassie_Soos ยท Teen
Not enough ratings