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Saltwater Reincarnate

After a failed attempt to escape from enemy soldiers, the spear-wielding Yana had to face death due to falling alongside Aria, the princess of the kingdom he lived in. Accompanied by the aid of a mysterious lady deep down on the seafloor, they were able to transfer their souls onto a new world as reborn individuals. However, they got separated far when the reborn procession was going. From there on, Yana strived to clear his regret by finding her in the strange world where the sea didn't even taste like salt. All that to fulfill a promise: living together with her in a peaceful land. He would eventually learn element control that was possible in that world, encounter man-beast with distinct abilities, discovering new places, and face hardships in his journey to finish his wish. He would be accompanied by a unique arsenal that the world didn't have, the saltwater. Would he be able to prove if he deserved a second chance? To answer so, his second life began. --------- Image by @eye_soar on Instagram.

VeryVyle ยท Fantasy