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The Real Witch of Salem

They hung them in the street for all to see, for being smart, for living alone, for being childless, for being beautiful. Too loud. Too colorful. Too independent. Too much like a woman.

Daoist1ZdANu · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The mirror reflect

Who would believe that a mirror would bing me back to Salem in 1692. I’ve never really liked Halloween before and I never though that in Halloween night everything could happen. My name is Julia and this is my story.

mintou16 · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

The Next Witch

While puritans will stop at nothing to rid their town of witches, Aidan was a man of God in the eyes of the priest; or so he thought. Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/22qwzepbhim4bn2ma2soiwt5y/playlist/2MMZqez2HUct7RVrPxihVh?si=8QdXm5aDSF2fEJhvgWm6ww

F_E_Rivera · Fantasy
Not enough ratings