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H&R's Safety Guide of Life

Do you want a guide on how to stay safe in your everyday life? Well, look no further because Hailey's and Ray's Guide is by far the best on the internet.

AmeRei · Teen
Not enough ratings

Love & Danger

When Lizzie awakes in the middle of the night, as her uncle calls her with a devastating information, she doesn't know what to do but cry. As she is listening to the news, her past memories come back, bringing her nothing else but anxiety. She immediately goes to the hospital, doesn't know what to expect to see, but the most important person of her life lying on a gurney, critical, struggling to stay alive. Her father. The only family she has left. It was reported as an attempted murder, a bullet in his head, almost impossible to survive from. As her uncle decides to take care of her, he hires a bodyguard to secure her with his life. At first, it doesn't work out easily. But later on, they amend to solve the case on their own. If you were a daughter whose father's life is at stake, what will you do to find out who's behind the crime? What will you do to keep your father safe and alive? Are you going to take risks?

Alethea_Sanchez · Teen
Not enough ratings