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Day journals, my safe space✨

Pleaseloveyourself · Teen
Not enough ratings

The Last Known Survivor

Erin Tessa Sullivan-Mulligan is the last person in North America. She isn't your normal person, she's a werewolf. She knows her family is gone, and possibly forever. Not knowing what to do, she decides to go home to Shadow Falls, Minnesota. Where everything she knows is a safe haven, despite knowing she may the last person on Earth. Ryan Warren O'Rourke is just what an ordinary person is defined as, except for the fact he has no idea who he really is. All he knows is his name and how old he is. He doesn't remember anything about having a family or friends, he doesn't even remember what happened when everyone disappeared. Erin knows how to survive on her own, she's done it before and she'll do it again. What will happen when Erin and Ryan cross paths in Shadow Falls? Will he find out her secret? Or will Erin discover that Ryan was the cause of it all? The problems that she's facing. WIll Erin prolong the feelings she has for Ryan or face them? Will she finally realize that he's the soulmate she's been waiting for her entire life?

Leafstar15 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings