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THREAT OF LOVE (Am I in your heart)

Ayunda is just an orphan girl who hopes for a sincere love and can live happily with the man she loves and who loves her. Although, at first Ayunda did not expect a hellish ending, what could she do to stop it all. A life story that begins with paying off her parents' debts, until she makes sacrifices having to marry an old man who is 60 years old to pay off a debt to the loan sharks. Until finally, Ayunda met the figure of a man who helped her out of it all. the man she initially considered her life-saving angel and the man she loved. but in the end, it was just wishful thinking. "have you ever loved me? if not, would you put me in your heart?" Said Ayunda who was asking the figure of a man who was standing straight in front of her, staring coldly at her. "Lie, just once. Say that you love me," said Ayunda with tears streaming down her cheeks. Don't forget to read the full story ... Stop by the author's other novels too. * Handsome President : the pursuit of love * FIRST LOVE : You are my dream * The Handsome President Is A Dragon Thank you very much....

ikhaqueen ยท Contemporary Romance