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RWBY Volume One: The Gasmask Hunter

Alister aka "The Gasmask Hunter" is a huntsman for hire and he goes around doing all sorts of jobs at the request of Riyaz. Much to Alister's dismay he takes on the jobs to one day move out of Mantle and live somewhere "less shit"

CHMercy · Anime & Comics
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Destiny RE;told

[A Spinoff to Inferno Tale]

Dra0g0nBl00dElf · Anime & Comics
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Volume 1 Chapters 1 - 8 *Story-based in RWBY, created by Monty Oum.* This story follows a young lad named Desmond Ralcull. He is a skilled warrior who wants to become a Huntsman. He comes across a series of events during his story and situations he never had to take on before. He finds himself in Atlas Academy, attending for reasons he never expected. This story takes place during the events of RWBY Volume 1 and the beginnings of Volume 2. *The first three chapters are rewritten as I had them on a different account, but I lost the email for it.* *This is a FanFiction, nothing serious. I also like to reference certain quotes in genres.*

ForeverJ · Anime & Comics
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