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Aegis Schnee The Juggernaut Of Glyphs

One soul seeking other yet will they find each other in time or will they become bitter enemies? I Don't Own RWBY! Or any work mentioned in this fanfic! The picture is from there: https://cz.pinterest.com/pin/591238257315362510/

Nisiris · others

Dimensional Group Chat Life

Disclaimer All copyrighted content is the property of its respective owner(s). You know the deal a guy gets killed and reincarnated as the main protag of Akame ga Kill Tatsumi. Your usual reincarnated story with no cheats in the beginning only hard work trying to live his life the way he wants. Then one day his greeted with the fabled Dimensional Group Chat with a group of others how could this go? Probably something out of this world.

Jovami6729 · Anime & Comics

Dimensional Chat Group of Creation and Destruction

Sullivan in Multiverse he will shake it with a bang! Short and nice isn't it Picture credit: NeoArtCore Disclaimer: the picture wasn't mine if the artist want me to deleted it please do tell me ***Warning*** 1.Mc is a jerk and a little bit of jackass. 2.This fiction mainly focus on the interaction of characters secondary action and badassness 3.There will be less to none of any dark element like Betrayal, Ntr, Brainwash ***Notice1*** For my healthy mind any review that too harsh and not useful will be deleted and all of unreasonable 1 star too but all the five star and four star are welcome 0..0 hehe ***Notice2*** English isn't my mother language read it at your own risk and don't complain about my gramma becaues i don't give a fukc I tried to make it readable that your braincell will not die though World that will be used in this fiction 1.Marvel (Main world) 2.Harry Potter 3.Hunter X Hunter 4.Naruto 5.Rwby 6.Genshin Impact 7.Kimetsu no Yaiba 8.One Piece 9.Final fantasy VII 10.Final fantasy VIII 11.Final fantasy XV and many more If you like this fic please support me P@atreon: crazenovel

CrazeNovel · Anime & Comics

Arc of Embodiment (v2)

A man was given two wishes and a choice to the world he wants to go to. He chose to be reincarnated as Jaune Arc in the world of RWBY, and his choice of power was Arc of Embodiment. Now read as the new Jaune changes the direction that Remnant is heading to. This is a secondary version of my novel Arc of Embodiment. The development will be different and so is the Harem, but this still contains incest. (Please do not take this story seriously since I am not a professional writer, it will have some grammatical errors and plot-holes, if you comment about it, I will try and fix it especially for grammatical errors.) Chapter length are between 1k to 2k. To those who wish to donate. (paypal.me/RWBYLOVER101)

RWBY_LOVER_101 · Anime & Comics

Eye System in RWBY

Our MC used to be an idol, singing, dancing and seducing were all in the job description. Unfortunately, a fan was a bit too enthusiastic about him and kidnapped him. Spending time in a crazy woman's sex dungeon was surprisingly fun but that’s beside the point. He ended up dying to a different woman that had found him chained up. Without explanation, he woke up in a far more attractive body in a world full of attractive women. There is no world better suited for out protagonist. …He also had an Eye Power System but who cares.

BillNyeThePGGuy · Anime & Comics

I'm ruby rose

I wake up as ruby rose I guess I'll have to slay monsters now

Grim_Reaper_4508 · Anime & Comics

RWBY With Devils Gacha

Roses are red, Gacha uses blood.

NyuuVioleRin · Anime & Comics

An Endless New Dream

Reincarnated into the World of Remnant. Let’s see where this take our gender bent protagonist. What adventures will happen. Will the fall of beacon be prevented? Can Salem be stopped? Is traveling worlds possible where will they end up next. I wanna admit now this is my second ever book. At the start, I wasn't that good at keeping track of things like time there are times when I meant to jump months and it seems like its the next day. There are times when I mean to time skip years and it was only months. The first 7 chapters are there and a mess I am sorry about that, its been over a year since I have written them and I still do not know how to fix them. Im really only keeping this book here because it is A End. It is gonna be my last fanfic when I finish it and I like to read it sometimes to see my own growth as a writer.

Commonnerfer · Anime & Comics