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Tangled so hard

Tangled so hard

It's true that couples are made in heaven. The true love is never dead even after the death of the lover. But what if the lover himself kills the other. Does that all still applicable? Heaven's knows. Coraline Riverdale, the eldest daughter, the first heir of Riverdale Music Industry, the most elegant queen of patience, isolation and soulful beauty that can melt the glaciers. Her life seemed to be so for a daughter without a mother and father who had priorities for his second married life. Her father never took any special attention to her but that was never a thing for Coraline, as she worshiped her family like her own. But the problem was when her family never been so kind to her and treated like good for nothing. It all mixed up when Rowan Dorthan, the business partner and the family friend who left her at age of nine for the studies showed up again in her life and grind everything around. He never just got away for the studies, but was sent away with her family secrets that were to be away from Coraline. But was he really here to help her or he's the reason for his own death? Or they carry on few dark secrets?

Riyadanduk · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings