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I'm a Centipede? (DROPPED!)

In a average house in England is a young man called Lushan Crest who does not do anything other than reading light novels and playing games. Every day he wishes in his head that he could be one of those chosen ones who get transported to another world so he can start a new life. He wishes for this every day hoping that when he wakes the next day it will be somewhere else in a different persons body. Little did he know that his wish would come true. Just not in the way he thought.

dylogic_123 · Video Games
Not enough ratings

Reverend Insanity X Dr.Stone

A mad genius who wants to return home sells his soul to a demon Fang Yuan so they can collaborate and achieve their desires. ▪It is recommended that you read Reverend Insanity (optional)

TheHastyOne · Fantasy
Not enough ratings