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Fuck and Run

A millennial explores new opportunities during a pandemic lock-down.

Nimra_Savanghan · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Alpha Hannah

*Book-One of the Alpha female series. I peer out the window and watch as the rain pours down and listening as it bashes against the window and collides with the ground. I'd always preferred Autumn it is just so mesmerising to me how beautiful everything looks as it dies and how warm the snow looks as it covers everything in a thick blanket. I just wish I could reach out and touch it or dance in the rain, but that's just not an option for me. It never was. Hannah Rosalie Summer, a girl that’s smart, compassionate and a little bit crazy. But there’s more to her story, she’s hasn’t experienced the real world since she was seven. Sure she’s learned about it, but the internet can only teach you so much. The closest she can get to free is when she climbs up to the roof to watch the stars when her mother’s asleep. Come on the rollercoaster of emotions as Hannah explores the world and stumbles across something she thought was only in fairy tales her mother and father read to her when she was but a child. I hope to see you there...

ambermuffin1 · Teen
Not enough ratings

Above the Starry Sky (Revised 2020)

In a very unusual way to punish humanity, the starry sky will judge everyone. Charles along with Lucian and his best friend Maj, a black labrador retriever, will challenge the starry sky. Soon, they learn something about them. God is watching us.

aL_Fawaris · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings