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Restart and Ascend!

Damian is a former Cleaning Service who when he left his job was startled by a flashy red button that would make his life change drastically. Follow Damian's quest to become the true [Son of Heaven] and leave all those who claim that they are the real [Children of Heaven]. ===== This novel has inspiration from Solo Leveling, SSS-rank Suicide Hunter and works that have similarities in the plot, namely where the MC will get the [Cheat] behind the disaster that MC receives. I'm a new writer, so feel free to provide advice as well as support. Thanks for reading!

Neonuh · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Lightbringer's Imprint

After dying in 2057, Daniel, once known as Havoc, gets the chance to go back in time, to change his own and humanity's destiny. Driven by his desire to change the future that awaits the world, he starts his journey, this time with a better character class as before. With all the memories from the future and his iron will, he sets out on his journey to protect the friends he lost and punish those who have hurt the ones he loves.

RedPenGuy · Fantasy
Not enough ratings