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Aeruth Online

Archie and August Andrews tried a virtual game that their dad made. Then the game got a problem. August is the only one that cannot log out anymore. Now that his brother is dead, or is it really? The company that his now missing dad was working before released the game after three years. The only thing that Archie can find clues on what happen to the both of his family is inside that game. Can he find the clue he's really looking for or will he gonna found an entirely different discovery. Let us read the newly made amateur novel that I suddenly decided to create. Find out the quest August will do inside the game. Here, in [Aeruth Online]. *will try to upload 1 chapter per month. *not that good of a writer so constructing words will be hard. *please enjoy! AustinMarks_

AustinMarks_ ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings