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Pretending To Be Gilead's Prince and Master Wizard

GOLD TIER winner in the last WPC 141: "Royal Romance" The whole country of Gilead is now facing a crisis upon the sudden disappearance of its prince and master wizard Prince Arthur Spellman. Without him, a possible chance of a sudden attack by the country's long-term enemies would immediately take place. Only a 14 year old girl named Krisella, who happens to look exactly like the missing prince, could stop this from happening by assuming his role for the meantime. Join Krisella as she struggles to fulfill her 'impostor duties' while also slowly discovering her full potential as a wizard, her true identity, and unraveling the mysteries behind the prince's sudden disappearance. --- Author's Notes: Book cover art is not mine. All credits to its rightful owner. Any questions for me? I'm more active in my discord account: @AteJanz0657

AteJanz · Fantasy Romance

SEVEN CROWNS | Black Stone

Ashley and Nate, two best friends, find out that their memories have been erased to hide the secret of their royalty, and the truth about the Four Gems and the Two Elements. Their homelands are occupied by the Dark Soldiers, and with the power of their stones, they will start a war to destroy their worst enemy, King Mávros. Ash will meet Erdan, the Prince of Sapphire, who will defy his father's orders and do everything to help her and her friends defeat the enemy. Ash will find herself lost between the love she feels for Nate and the one she feels for Erdan. But who is the Prince she is fated to be with?

asmaaben16 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Reborn: The Childe's Consort

Silver tier Winner of WPC #141- Royal Romance It was the year 1858. Heidi Magrita shivered against the cold, harsh wind. Around her feet is nothing but gore and death. Her eyes were blank and her heart numb. Bending her aching knees she looks down, unwilling to look away from the ugly sight of her dead child’s hollowed, bleeding eye sockets. Her eyes was flooded with tears as the earth was covered with blood. She was killed by her own husband, and was reborn. She travelled the lands of La San Niño to achieve the prowess she wanted to have and accomplish everything that was devoid in her past life, and that includes slimming the chances of her getting Lord Lucas De Lixure's attention to avoid the blood massacre to happen again. Green witches, Dark sorcerers, Black witches and Mortals have scattered the lands of La San Niño. Holy witches was annihilated to achieve the so-called peace that all the races have now experienced. But what they did not know, that blood will cover the lands of La San Niño once again. Everything is out of control and no one will be able to control the wisps of death. Pinterest Cover Photo You can contact me Dear through Discord and Instagram Discord: @Littlepunnie#7338 Instagram: little_punnie " Better read it first for you to be able to judge it. " Will be Edited Soon...

Littlepunnie · Fantasy Romance

Hidden Aruzian Princess

"Tatyana! Please! Don't kill my father! If you can't do it cause you don't want to stop, please just do it for me. I understand you completely. But please, I'm begging you Tats, don't kill him." Daryl tried to beg Tatyana to stop strangling his father with her magical, phantom hand. She continued to tighten her grip on the King's neck and cracking sounds could be heard. His bones were breaking bit by bit. That's how she wanted him to die. For all the pain he had caused her and her family when she was just little. But....did she really want Daryl to go through the same thing? It all started in a log cabin with a girl who was abandoned by her father and her other so called family was dead. She got used to living alone. But then a prince came along the way, and changed her life drastically. She discovered that she wasn't really what she thought she was. She was even more powerful than what was normal. Will she be able to break through all the things she will have to endure, and will the person she loves the most still be there for her?

Queeyana254 · Teen
Not enough ratings

Red: The Forbidden

Like roses A symbol of love and affection To hide the pain that surrounds you Like blood A symbol of violence and suffering A reality that you must face ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lily, the young princess of Askeau, has seen her people suffer for too long. It takes the absence of her father for her to decide to go on her own journey to the enemy kingdom to end this war. This determination will end with her possibly getting killed. Liam, the heir of Aykamia, has known nothing other than war. When he found out that his father enslaving the imprisoned Keaun. The thought of people being forced to be less than human made Liam decide to help an enemy stop the war. Even if it means disobeying his father orders he’ll do anything to stop this madness.

Cookie_ftfan · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings