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From A Princess To A Duchess To An Empress

Blaire was out on a cruise with her family for the first time. However, due to a certain circumstance, the moment she opened her eyes, she arrived in the world of novel as Victoria Nightingale, the Forgotten Princess in the Kristania Empire. Upon meeting the 2nd Male Lead of the novel, an idea crossed her mind. "If you agree to the contract, I will become your temporary wife and together, we will kill the Emperor!"

JustTheGirl23 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Crowned affinity

once a normal, now a Prince. let me have your patience in this book haha lol

Tin_Jus · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

The Crown’s Supremacy

To be honest, I’m sure where to go with the story... lol At the moment, the palace in the sky is invaded by warriors of evil lead by an unknown ringmaster. Enria - the heroine - must protect the divine heirloom she inherited alongside her position as Queen. Her decision ends at whether to keep or destroy the relic.

lAmeWr1TeR · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings