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Coffee Breath

A 14 year old witch, Y/n, who is going into her 4th at Hogwarts.She is excited for what this year will bring, but she doesn’t realize that this year will change everything.

b_abyfrog · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Adopted- DM Fanfic

At the mere age of 12 month, Eloise Willow was taken to a wizarding orphanage in her town by her beloved deatheater parents. They were instructed to give her up by Lord Voldermort in the first wizarding war. Eloise was then adopted by a large and loving pureblood wizarding family who care for her more than no other. Now in her 5th year in Hogwarts, Eloise's secret is spread so she confides in a familiar deatheater's son. Where are her parents now, are they going to look for her? All rights go to J.K Rowling.

cocothecat118 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings