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Totally opposites ?

Volume 1 - free chapters (still going on! ) *no evil stepsister and stepmother* *no evil mother-In-law* *no cliche romance scenes* Ever thought what its like to fall for someone who you didn’t even knew you would fall for . Ever thought the person who appears the opposite of you is actually just like you . Similarly two people when meet they have an effect on each other that no one ever had on them !! ____________ This story is about Ji yun who is an abandoned daughter of a rich family with only one step sister . She is like any other girl for everyone as she keeps a low profile but under that low profile is a girl who is involved in hacking and owns the most famous cafe of the company. One day she accidentally meets Heyeon jun who is like any other Cold and overbearing CEO but is envolved in underworld . He is a famous personality but never did she expect herself to owe him her life . Her life becomes a roller coaster of emotions as they both start working together and she starts developing feelings for him . Will she give this relationship a chance , When she is afraid to let anyone in ? Will Heyeon jun let her in ? Will he like her back ? Will he give her the love she had deserved? —sneak peek— Heyeon Jun looked at her with pursed lips , he took a deep breath relaxing himself ,"Fine ! I need the reports done by tomorrow morning and make sure to be ready for office ." He picked up his Laptop and some files before leaving the study . Ji Yun's eyes watered as her heart clenched, why does she always feel like this whenever he yells at her . She sighed controlling her tears and looked at the coffee on the table . She wasted her twenty minutes on it . She will drink it herself since he didn’t want to drink it . Before she could reach out for it , Heyeon Jun's hand picked it up and he left the study again . Ji yun scoffed , this Asshole ! *** I SWEAR EVERYTHING IS MY OWN IMAGINATION AND SECONDLY IF YOU READ IT UNDER ANY OTHER APP OR WEBSITE , its not ORIGINAL PLEASE REPORT! This is my first book Cover doesn’t belong to me ,,, all credits to creator !!

theunknownsoul · Teen
Not enough ratings

Like North And South...

Two opposites are not as good as imagined...

KKS_23 · Teen
Not enough ratings

Mutually Arranged

"I don't do serious relationships" I said again. "Didn't" "What?" I asked him. "You didn't do serious relationships. Now you do." He said raising his left eyebrow. It took one whole minute for the meaning of his words to register in my mind. His love was the one she wanted. His attention was the one she craved." Scarlett Williams, a normal college going girl with dreams of her own. Not a believer of love. Fan of happy endings. A bubbly, happy go lucky girl with awesome friends and parents. "Her love was the one he needed. Her attention was what he lived for." Xander Knight, a typical cold hearted, ruthless billionaire. Never cared for anyone except his grandfather and mother. He rules the business world. His name makes people tremble to their bones. What would happen when these get mutually arranged to each other? Would Xander's cold heart melt? Will Scarlett ever believe in love? And why does she not believe in love in the first place? What made Xander cold hearted? Join their journey and see how these both go through various challenges thrown by life at them.

Asterin17 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings