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The Enemy's Mistress

Akshat Malhotra is a ruthless and cold hearted billionaire and the CEO of the Malhotra Enterprises. He hates woman except for times when he needs them for fulfilling his lust and desire. He has lost his father in a ruthless murder when he was only 16 years old. Since then he has lived a very tough and loveless life. For the sake of taking Vageance from his father's murderers, he marries an ordinary girl Aranya Agrawal whose family was somewhat involved in the murder case of Akshat's Father. But what happens when he breaks his walls of sanity and shows up his demonic Avatar to the innocent soul. Will she be able to resist his inhuman behaviour or will he lose his heart in the process? What happens when he makes his own wife his Mistress of pleasure?

Muskanprakash12 ยท Teen
Not enough ratings