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Hayley slender is the daughter of slenderman and of queen Starmare cousin of jane the killer toby eyeless jack or ej ben hoddie makey and laughing jack or lj and best friend's with jeff the killer or jeffrey woods and his older brother homicidal liu or liu woods and is cousin with other people that live with her father sally is like her daughter and hayley call her daughter all the time lazari is her daughter same with sally but she gave her to her auntie that was like sally mother because hayley had sally when she was in high school and could not look after her and do high school so her auntie said that she would take sally and look after her has if she was sally mother lazari got taking away when she was sleeping and was put in hell lj has a circus with a lot more people in it that are all Hayley's friends

hayleylovesfairy ยท Teen
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