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Black Onyx: Forgotten Magic

A young man, transported to another world, where after thousands of years of slumber, magic is budding once more. With the beginning of a new magic era, new wonders are there for him to discover. New magic, mixed with old, and with his own personal touch, it is growing stronger by the day. Ancient remnants and new battlefields, old races, and magic beasts, this world has it all! The thirst for knowledge and power is driving him forward to rediscover the wonders of magic! -------------- The story will continue for a long time, slowly revealing the wide world... -------------- If you would like to support this story and also get a few early chapters, I made a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GoldenShadow

GoldenShadow · Fantasy

Reel or Real

Synopsis “An International reality show where two exes accidentally arrived having their own motives. One had come for fame and others because of a bet, will they be able to achieve their goals or past emotions will ignite. Will they overcome their emotions or start a new relationship? Let’s follow their journey in the game show where will you be able to see reel and real romance” Disclaimer: Credits for the picture goes to my sister. Don't copy without my permission. Don't post my work on other sites. Announcement:I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad

Geek3 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings