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Silent Hacker

Maya is not your typical hacker. Ten years ago, her only living family was killed in cold blood. The killers make her take the fall but after ten years in prison, she's become stronger. Now, she hunts the very monsters that hunt others. She's untraceable until she runs into Alec, the Underworld's notorious leader who doesn't seem to be quite human. Things aren't as they seem though, as Maya is pulled into a twisted fate. Maya now has to run from the Underworld boss who wants her as his own and a mysterious hacker who seems to have it out for her. What could possibly go wrong, right? EVERYTHING. I do not own the cover, the picture used is from Pinterest. Wanna talk? Find me on Discord! Blissfullrage#3336 ___________________________________ Would like to donate? paypal.me/Blissfullrage Cash App $Blissfullrage

Blissfullrage · Fantasy Romance

Sweet Dreams or Beautiful Nightmares

Timothea's used to be simple life was stirred by a dream. She started loving a man of her dream, literally. However, it seems her dreams aren't just simple dreams, and the imaginary love of her life is not so imaginary after all. But a manifestation of her extraordinary life of mysteries and conundrums. Not only to herself, but also to the people around her. This is a story of reality mixed fantasy, a story of love, life and war, between self-identity, good and evil, of witches and fairies. Shifting between two dimensions of the human world and Ayorko's mystical realm. A fight for power, a fight for love. Dare to read chapter seven onwards, and you're not gonna loosen your grip. I would like to acknowledge these girls, who helped me with my cover. The model, photographer, and production staff, namely Kyla, Carla, and Metch. Thanks, girls!!

Gnaipafe · Fantasy Romance

W.I.T.C.H : The Last Descendant of Mixed Blood (indo ver)

Takdir membawanya menuju kebimbangan dan keresahan, ia disuruh memilih jalan apa yang harus menjadi akhir dari kisahnya. Gadis itu bernama sibyl broderick, ia menerima takdirnya dan berusaha mencari akhir dari kisahnya, didalam perjalanannya memulai kisah ini. ia bertemu beragam ras, ras yang dianggap legenda dan mitos belaka itu ternyata masih ada diperadaban saat ini. ia merupakan anak yatim piatu, ia kini tinggal dikota bersama kakek dan nenek dari pihak ibunya kedua orang tuanya telah meninggal dengan tragis ketika ia masih berusia 6 tahun. cyril merupakan sesosok yang selalu menemaninya selepas kedua orang tua sibyl meninggal, dan sibyl sangat menyayanginya dan takut kehilangannya. bersama, mereka mencari akhir dari kisah ini. jalan apakah yang akan ditempuhnya? jalan menuju cahaya ,atau jalan menuju jalan kegelapan.

Honne_Tatemae · Sejarah
Not enough ratings

Earthen Blood

They called her cursed and left her at the mercy of the elements, she was supposed to be dead.  But she wasn't. She was a wish made real, blessed and yet cursed by the gods that ruled their world.  To her people she was an omen of bad luck, an omen of their destruction and there were no two ways about. Her village is suddenly destroyed, she and many others taken away. For them it was slavery, for her it was to never get a chance to know the people she wished would accept her and another reason for them to hate her. Left alone to navigate a world new to her yet so familiar. Her journey takes her to different places, where she meets different people with different perspectives of who or what she is, some with more darker thoughts than others. She learns more about herself and others, more than she has ever known, more than she ever dreamed of and more she wished she did not. Excerpt She opened her eyes to look at the old woman. Her eyes flashing an eerie silver, a warning to the old crone not to come any closer. The old crone ignored the obvious warning coming closer. The claws on her fingers made of bone and metal gleamed in the fire light much like the madness that shone in her eyes, the blood she spilt painting her from head to toe in red.  "Haven't met one of you in a long, very long time." She said in a voice that played tricks on ears. The same voice that tricked everyone in camp into their horrible deaths. Awarake couldn't move anymore, her limbs refused to obey her, all she could do was give a warning glare at the creature infront of her, approaching in sure and calculated steps. "Tonight must truly be my lucky night." The old creature woman said. Her bloody lips pulling back to reveal rows of sharp snake like teeth. All blood stained, a bit of flesh and gut trapped in between. Awarake fell her stomach contents roll. "I'm going to enjoy the taste of your flesh and your suffering too, Earthen blood." She said. The old woman? Creature? Awarake didn't know which was appropriate, did not have time to, not that it mattered. The thing in front of her was right before her bending at an impossibly odd angle, its hand now so large and skeletonized wrapped around her neck, slicing the flesh and piercing her shoulder. A scream erupted from her lips as it dug deeper.  It smiled revealing, once again, the bone chilling rows of teeth that looked like death and breath that smelled of blood and flesh as her scream worsened. "Yes, I am going to enjoy this very much."

Chelsea_Uzomah · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings