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Yang Nation

Vivian lived her whole life protecting her tribe from vampires, but she knew that even though she was able to fight neck and neck with Brown Vampires, she would never be able to stand her ground against higher class vampires from the lands of the Yins and Yangs. One fated day, vampires attacked her village in search of Hunter. This woman would never have imagined setting foot on the land full of creatures who have wronged her species until the wicked vampires kidnapped someone who was important to her. With no one else to call family, she sets off a journey to save Hunter from the hands of the group of vampires who call themselves, Scar. (BTW Guys please donate power stones at the other, edited version of this book in my profile. I’ll highly appreciate it ?)

Velcr · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Scarlet Evergreen

A villain isn't born. It is made. She was once an innocent little fool. Clueless of all the evil surrounding her. Those back-stabbing wolves and cunning foxes-she welcomed them with a very big smile. Completely unguarded, she foolishly unlock the chains and let them enter her gates. Only to find herself, getting torn into pieces by their own hands. They rejoice at her own misery. They laughed while her heart is being shattered. Even until in her rest, betrayal still tormented her. .... This is a story of a Villain whose heart and life got repeatedly destroyed by the cruel society. She was used, betrayed, got killed and eventually rose from the dead, She promised herself a revenge. - "Who said nice people can't play Villian" Scarlet who was seated on a man's lap playfully said. Her two slender arms snaked around his neck. She lay her head on the man's wide chest as her little fingers played with his cool ears. At this moment, she looked extremely like a tempting vixen, a seductress that could enchant everyone who laid eyes on her. "In fact, evil wore mask and pretend to be angels" she added. "Do you know what they are called?" feeling the intensity of her stare, the person who was kneeling on the cold floor couldn't help but tremble in fear. "Hypocrites" ---------- DISCLAIMER: The Author is a Novice writer, No proper training in writing; most importantly, this is my first time writing a story.. please bear with me if u spot some errors along the way. [Story written by ReneesmeQueen This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher or the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.] Do support me by buying me a coffee at ---> https://ko-fi.com/reneesmequeen

Huanghou · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings